1-2-3 Shine

Erdal 1-2-3 Shine contains real beeswax.

It is a self-shine product for all smooth leather shoes. 1-2-3 Shine removes dust and leaves a brilliant shine within seconds, without polishing. Up to 70 applications.

Available in black and neutral for all colours.

Simply wipe shoes with the sponge applicator. Not to be used on patent leather or rubber boots.

For intensive care, use Erdal Shoe Polish or Fine Shoe Polish occasionally. To protect the leather from moisture and dirt, use Erdal Xtreme Impregnation Foam Spray.

1-2-3 Glanz mit Schwamm aufgtragen - ENAufhören wenn Schuh glänzt - ENNicht nachpolieren - EN
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1-2-3 Shine