More than 110 years of
Erdal tradition in Germany

Erdal is one of a group of traditional brands which have been successfully asserting themselves in the world of commerce for decades. Erdal has been constantly improving and adapting to new technologies and materials for more than 110 years, and has mastered the balancing act between tradition and innovation with great success.

In 1901, the first tin of Erdal shoe polish appeared on the market. In 1903, the brand symbol – a frog – was added to the brand’s logo. The frog soon became an identifying trademark of the brand, thus contributing to its long-term success.

With a market share of almost 50%, this traditional brand remains the market leader in the shoe care sector.


Today, consumers are sure to find a product in the Erdal range which suits their needs and shoe care habits as well as meeting all of the requirements of the latest footwear and leather fashion trends.

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